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I help women just like you get consistent in their strength training routine so they can stop starting over and start finally feeling good about fitness. Ready to change your life? Let’s get started!

Meet Your Trainer

Hey, I'm Alex!

I offer personal training in person & virtually as well as remote training through a custom app. I help women get off the hamster wheel of doing nonstop cardio & fad diets to try to hit their fitness goals.

I develop a custom strength training routine for clients that actually helps them achieve their fitness goals & feel better about their bodies. My clients become stronger, more comfortable using weights & develop a fitness routine that they can consistently maintain long term.

Choose Your Fitness Program

I offer 1-on-1 fitness training programs for every need. Choose your program below to learn more about how to get started.

In-Person Personal Training

My In-Person Personal Training program is a 1:1 training session where I come to you to work out in your home or apartment gym.

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Virtual Personal Training

My Virtual Personal Training program allows for the experience of in-person training wherever is most convenient for you.

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Remote Personal Training

I develop a custom fitness routine to help you reach your fitness goals through an app. You workout on your own and I monitor your consistency and progress.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In-Person Personal Training

Do I need a lot of fancy gym equipment?

No! We can get a great workout with whatever is available in your apartment buildings gym or any equipment you have at home.

Do you offer virtual fitness programs?

How long are sessions?

Do I need my own equipment?

Training sessions are an hour, including warm up/cool down time.

Virtual Personal Training

How do we do virtual training?

I set up a zoom meeting for the two of us & then we do your personal training session together just as if I was there with you.

What do I need?

Basically any space where you have access to equipment & you can bring your phone or laptop

What is the benefit of virtual training vs in person training?

Doing your sessions virtually can be so much more convenient than in person training & that will help you stay consistent.  You can train with me from your living room, your local gym and even when you’re traveling.  Convenience = consistency, consistency = results B. Virtual sessions are also a more affordable option that still helps you reach your goals.

Remote Personal Training

What if I don't know names of exercises?

Each exercise comes with a video demonstration so you know exactly what you’re doing.

What if I don't understand something in the app?

You can always message me in the app with any questions you have

Start your fitness journey today!

Ready to invest in yourself and finally build that dream body you’ve always wanted? Heck yeah you are! Reach out to me today and let’s transform your life together!

I help women just like you get consistent in their strength training routine so they can stop starting over and start finally feeling good about fitness.


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