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Hey, I'm Alex!

I love helping other women achieve their dream bodies.  Fitness was not always a big part of my life but ever since I started working with a personal trainer seven years ago I realized how important it is for women to build strength as a way to take care of their bodies.

As a trainer, I take a personalized approach to each of my clients, tailoring workouts to fit their unique needs and desires.  I love seeing my clients achieve their goals, whether that is losing weight, gaining strength, or simply feeling more confident in their own skin.

Alex Carroll

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My Story

I spent all of my 20’s trying every way I could find to try to lose 10 lbs & be skinnier. No matter how much I dieted or how many hours on the elliptical I still didn’t like my body. Then I discovered strength training and learned how to use weights in the gym. For the first time I wasn’t constantly trying to lose weight and I finally loved my body. I realized that I wanted to become a personal trainer and help other women achieve their fitness goals and love their body.

My Mission

I am passionate about empowering women to become their best selves through fitness. My mission is to provide a safe and supportive environment for women of all ages and fitness levels to achieve their goals. If you are a beginner I will teach you proper form and help you feel comfortable walking into a gym. If you are experienced in the gym I will help you push your limits and take your training up a notch. My personalized fitness plan, accountability and motivational support will help you transform your mind and body.

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I help women just like you get consistent in their strength training routine so they can stop starting over and start finally feeling good about fitness.


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