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Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our happy AC Strength Work clients are saying…

“I can say with absolute confidence that I am stronger & have more energy since starting to work with Alex almost a year ago. I even see muscle definition in some of my trickiest areas.  Not only that but she is flexible with creating a schedule that works well for the both of you. I think virtual training is awesome, you run out of excuses when your gym is in your living room & your trainer is patiently waiting for you to show up”

– Lyndsey

“I just wanted to shoot you a message because I put my Halloween costume on tonight & my legs look so strong & way more toned! I can’t remember the last time I liked looking at my legs and I’m absolutely loving them tonight! Thank you for being such an integral part of my journey”

– Meg

“Thank you for being my first personal trainer ever. I enjoyed every day, even the hardest days.  Going to the gym has become a way of life now and I’ll never look back. I am stronger and more toned because of you and feeling great! So happy to have spent the year training with you”

– Diana

“I couldn’t be happier as one of Alex’s clients! I’ve eliminated back pain through deliberate core strengthening & added flexability. I feel stronger than I have in years”

– Will

“I have been working with Alex for 8 months and have really enjoyed every session. Her workouts are always challenging and thoughtful, and she always makes it fun! The time flies by and I am always looking forward to my next session. I feel stronger and can’t wait to continue building my fitness with Alex!”

– Grace

“Never in a million years did I ever think I would buy a crop top, let alone feel compelled to confidently take a picture of myself in it. Thank you for pushing me to put myself first, 6 months of really hard work and I feel amazing!”

– Melissa

“I am truly grateful for the incredible transformation I’ve experienced under the guidance of Alex. In just six months I’ve witnessed a remarkable change in my body that surpasses any previous progress from working out on my own.  Her expertise, tailored workouts, and unwavering support have been instrumental in achieving my fitness goals leading up to my wedding. I highly recommend Alex to anyone committed to holding themself accountable, staying consistent and reaching new heights in their fitness journey.”

– Sejal

“Alex is the best trainer I’ve ever had. She met me where I was in my strength training and created a thoughtful plan that made sense for my goals and lifestyle.  Alex isn’t into fad diets or exercises, she helps clients reach their goals through realistic routines.  She is also so kind and patient and I feel lucky to now call her a friend!”

– Pam

“I had the privilege of working with Alex for a year in 2023.  She was a fantastic personal trainer.  She is extremely professional.  She took the time to assess my capabilities and designed a program that worked very well for me.  In the past, I’ve worked with trainers who were overzealous and I ended up not enjoying the process.  Alex took a different approach and strengthened my core and firmed up my muscles without making it a chore.  She is very personable and I felt we had a good understanding. I looked forward to our weekly sessions.  She was open to suggestions and was willing to modify the workout if needed.  I definitely saw results, felt stronger and had more energy after starting my sessions.  I highly recommend Alex as a personal trainer.”

– Cathy

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